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Serpentine Falls
Serpentine Falls, located in the Serpentine Falls National Park is a beautiful location to take you and or the family for a day trip. It has well kept picnic grounds set in natural surroundings and the bird life is always around to keep you company too. The falls are located about 400 mts from the picnic grounds but there is a falls car park closer for those who aren't so able or energetic!

You are able to swim in the top water hole in front of the falls but there are signs to warn you of the dangers that may be associated with swimming there so be careful.

There are also walks available that start from the picnic grounds, Kitty's Gorge Walk follows the Gooralong Brook, which feeds the falls, Baldwin's Bluff Nature Trail will take you to the top of the escarpment where you will be greeted with spectacular views of the falls, coastal plains and views of Mandurah, Rockingham and the Perth Skyline.


The views looking down on top of the falls are spectacular as well and well worth the visit. The walk along Gooralong Brook also crosses private property so please be considerate by staying on the track and make sure you leave the environment as you found it.

Enjoy your stay!


How To Get There
Serpentine Falls are located in the Serpentine Falls National Park just outside the town of Serpentine which about 35 minutes drive East of Mandurah. 

The Serpentine Falls National Park is open from 8.30am to 5pm daily with an entry fee

For further information phone (08) 9525-2128
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